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These items only ship within Malaysia only as it's either sensitive or too big to be shipped.

Rechargable Li-Po with XT-30 connector made to fit Worker Hurricane blaster.11.1v 500mAH..
Balance charger for charging LiPo batteries. Comes with connectors, power adapter and power cable...
Rechargable LiPo battery with XT60 type connector..
Rechargable LiPo battery with XT60 type connector..
Charger for your LifePo4 6.4v upgrade battery...
CooLook LifePo4 6.4V Rechargeable Batteries (2 pcs) + 2 dummy CooLook LifePo4 6.4V Rechargeable Batteries (2 pcs) + 2 dummy
Out Of Stock
Upgrade battery for those of you who would like to increase the performance of your flywheel blaster without switching to lipo batteries. Comes with 2 dummy batteriesDO NOT CHARGE THE DUMMY BATTERIES!..
Nerf Rival Artemis (Blue)
Out Of Stock
Pump action nerf rival ball blaster with inbuilt tubes to hold additional rounds making reloading easy and fast...
Mag fed flywheel Nerf Rival Ball Blaster...
Nerf Rival Apollo Nerf Rival Apollo
Out Of Stock
The Nerf Rival Apollo blaster is the first nerf blaster that features a unique magazine feeding mechanism through the handle...
Nerf Rival Khaos Nerf Rival Khaos
Out Of Stock
Fully automatic Nerf Rival blaster with a 40 round ball capacity with switchable mags!..
Nerf Hammershot (Zombie Strike) Nerf Hammershot (Zombie Strike)
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Fantasize of living that cowboy life? This zombie strike blaster is perfect for you. Featuring a fan fire function as an official feature along with a plethora of aftermarket cylinders to customize the number of darts you wish to hold, this blaster is every cowboy's wet dreamGREY TRIGGER EDITION..
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