This post is a guide to help you regarding the compatibility of certain iron sights on certain slides.

The type of iron sights available in our store :

Square Type (TM/WE Style)Oval Type (Real Steel Style)

Both types of iron sights are secured on with a locking screws. The difference between them is the shape of the part that will be slotted into the slides.

The example of the different type of slides are shown as below

Square SlotOval Slot

The known types of slides and iron sights are listed below

Square type iron sights :

- Trijicon H3 Iron Sights (

- Unicorn 3 Dot Tritium Iron Sights (

- Unicorn Poseidon Cyclops Iron Sight (

Square type slides :

- P1 Colored Slide (

- Unicorn Agency Slide Set (

- Unicorn SAI Slide Set (

- Unicorn G17 Metal Slide (

- Unicorn Desert Storm G17 Slide (

- Unicorn G34 Metal Slide(Gen.4) (

- Unicorn G17 Nylon Slide (

- Unicorn Nylon SAI Slide (

- Unicorn Nylon SLR Slide (

Oval type iron sights :

- Kublai P1 SAI Fiber Optic Sights (

- G17 Metal Night Sights (

- Kublai P1 CNC Aluminum Iron Sights (

- Kublai ZEV Fiber Optic Iron Sights (

Oval type slides :

- Lucifer SAI Metal Slide (

- Lucifer G17 Metal Slide (

- Lucifer G19 TTI Metal Slide (

- Lucifer G34 Slide Assembly (

- Lucifer G34 TTI Slide Assembly (

- Lucifer KI Slide Assembly (

*If you have experienced any compatibility issues on slides and iron sights, you can leave us a feedback on our FB page. Your feedback is much appreciated*