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Zoom Scope

3x Compact Magnifier Sight
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Compact design 3x magnifier that works with EoTech and Aimpoint sights..
M9 Scope with fixed 4x zoom, illuminated reticle and fiber optic iron sight. Comes with 2x built in side picatinny rails for laser pointer attachment...
Firewolf 1-4x Variable Zoom Scope Firewolf 1-4x Variable Zoom Scope
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The Firewolf scope packs variable zoom so you can zoom in and out on demand from 1-4x magnification.The reticle lights up red and green as well.Scope mount is included with the scope...
One of the best replica ACOG sights on the market. 4x fixed magnification with reticle and utilized fibre optic instead of batteries just like the real one...
3-9 times adjustable scope for all your long distance engagement needs. ..
Fancy using red dot sights in game but just wish you could see slightly further?. Look no further than this 3x magnifier that enhances the zoom on your normal red dot and can be flipped aside when not used.Works with EoTech EXPS2 and EoTech XPS2. Other EoTech(551,552 etc) may or may not work...
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