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LDT Metal Stanag Tracer Mag LDT Metal Stanag Tracer Mag
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Brand: LDT
Tracer mag charges glow in the dark gels with UV lights to make them glow longer...
USD16.25 USD15.00
LDT Nylon Tracer Pmag LDT Nylon Tracer Pmag
-15 % Out Of Stock
Brand: LDT
Nylon Pmag that lights up your tracer gels (if any) for some Glow In The Dark action!Comes in black or sand colors..
USD16.25 USD13.75
Brand: Titan
CNC POM material piston head for most piston rod(from JM gen.8 onwards)Increased durability but remain lightweight to retain FPS with lower spring load...
USD7.50 USD6.25
18:1 CNC Gears Set.A very high end gearset with bearing that will allow the gear to spin very very smoothly.Does not come with anti reversal latch, pinion gear and springs...
USD50.00 USD37.50
Brand: Le Hui
Magazine for the Lehui AUG blaster. A solid, comfortable and cool looking magazine!Has a feature to quickly access the magazines internals for cleaning and maintenance...
USD11.25 USD8.75
Brand: War Interest
This hop up unit is made of injection molded nylon material. High performance and highly durable. Definitely a must have for any blaster enthusiast!This hop up also fits inside most of the muzzle flash hider...
USD10.00 USD7.50
Replica of the Magpul MOE SL-K. More compact than the MOE SL Buttstock. Fits onto standard buffer tube.Comes in :- Black- Sand..
USD18.75 USD15.00
Nylon handguard for SLR receiver..
USD17.50 USD15.00
Brand: SHS
CNC Metal Gears Set. Works best with SHS plunger rod.Comes in 3 ratio now :-18:1-16:1-13:1-100:200(For high torque motor)-100:300(For high torque motor)As of 9th August 2019, SHS no longer include anti reversal latch and pinon gear in their metal gear set...
USD30.00 USD20.00
SHS Piston Rod
-13 % Out Of Stock
Brand: SHS
SHS Plunger Rod for Type 2 gearbox. Works best with SHS Metal Gears Set...
USD10.00 USD8.75
PEEK Upgrade Gears Set
-33 % Out Of Stock
Brand: PEEK
Made from PEEK, a high performance thermo-plastic material. These gears set are highly durable and priced reasonably so they won't burn a hole in your pocket...
USD7.50 USD5.00
Introducing the high grade MST Cylinder. Aluminium in burnt titanium color.Options :- Non Ported- 80% Ported- 70% Ported- 60% Ported..
USD8.75 USD6.25
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