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Brand: XYL
Nylon ARP-9 receiver with full metal fittings..
Brand: Sijun
High quality full marking M4 receiver from SijunComes with metal charging handle, nylon delta ring, grip and nylon fittings..
Are you tired of all he 5.56 M4/HK416 variant?. Looking for a 7.62 build but don't want AK?.Looking for a DMR build?. Get a SR-25!.Comes with nylon fittings and 1x 7.62 style straight stanag magazine...
Bright orange M416 receiver. Nylon material. Fits most V2 gearbox (some sanding may be required). Best compatibility with LDT 3.0 gearbox.Comes with grip and full nylon fittings..
Brand: Xpower
The famous Kublai K1 now made by X-Power using the same mold.You can get almost the same quality of the Kublai K1 shell without breaking your bank.Comes with metal fittings...
FTM SR-15 Nylon Receiver FTM SR-15 Nylon Receiver
Out Of Stock
Brand: FTM
SR-15 marking nylon receiver shell by FTMFits most V2 type gearboxes..
Brand: FTM
SAI marking nylon receiver by FTM.Fits most v2 type gearbox..
Brand: FTM
Full BCM marking nylon receiver shell by BCM.Fits most V2 gearbox..
If you're looking for a budget friendly Magpul VLTOR receiver shell this is the shell for you.Full Magpul marking(Not Maopul lol) and comes in 3 colors :- Black- Sand- Olive Drab(OD)This receiver fits most V2 type gearboxes. Please not that not all V2 type gearboxes will fit in and some sanding may ..
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