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SHS Metal Silence Piston Head + Cylinder Head
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Brand: SHS
8mm piston head with rubber padding and cylinder head with rubber padding. No nozzle included.Compatible with:Gen 8 gearbox Gen 9 gearbox SLR gearbox Not compatible with:Kublai gearbox LDT gearboxFB gearbox ..
Expandgear Aluminium Piston Rod Expandgear Aluminium Piston Rod
Out Of Stock
Brand: SHS
LDT HK416 blowback enabled piston rod with metal teeth..
Brand: SHS
Silenced piston head and padded cylinder head for quieter operation...
Titan Nylon Piston Rod with Metal Teeth & Nylon Piston Head
Out Of Stock
Brand: Titan
Standard nylon piston rod with metal teeth from Titan.Comes with nylon piston head.Your go to nylon piston rod for standard upgrade when going for the metal gears set...
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