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Complete Blaster/Custom Blaster

Brand: Fighting Bro
Pairing a X-Power(FB) K1 shell with a FB 4.0 split gearbox is as premium as you can go on a budget.This blaster package comes in parts not fully assembledType : Blaster PackageRequirement : Basic knowledge of blaster assembly and basic toolsPerformance : 250-260fpsMode : Full Aut..
Brand: Jing Ji
Introducing the new and improved SLR advance blaster package. This blaster package is suitable for beginner to advance players alike. Easy to install and put together and with ample of upgrading potential.This blaster package comes in parts not fully assembledType : Blaster PackageRequirement : Basi..
Brand: Sijun
Si Jun is one of the recent gel blaster makers which produce good quality products for fair pricing. Coupled with the legendary LDT 3.0 gearbox, this blaster package just can't go wrong.Blaster inspired by classic M4 looks with classic quad rail handguard and CTR stock. If you're looking for somethi..
Magpul MOE Basic (7 inch) Magpul MOE Basic (7 inch)
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Looking for a Magpul build?. Check out our Magpul MOE Basic package.This blaster package comes in parts not fully assembledComes in black only for the momentPackage includes :- Professor Wood Magpul Shell- LDT 3.0 Gearbox- 33.5 cm Aluminium Inner Barrel- X-Power MOE grip- LDT A1 Motor- Hydra Univers..
Brand: Jing Ji
This blaster package comes in parts not fully assembled- Black and Sand- Sold in non-assembled form.- V2 SLRIn Package :- SLR Nylon Gearbox + 30cm Inner Barrel- SLR Nylon Receiver- SLR 10" ION Lite Nylon Handguard- 25cm Metal Outer Barrel + Hydra Universal Outer Barrel Adapter- Xpower Metal Buffer T..
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