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Brand: Sijun
Add realistic blowback action to your Sijun M4..
LH Vector V2 Tappet Plate
Out Of Stock
Brand: Le Hui
Replacement tappet plate for Nylon V2..
Brand: Fighting Bro
Improved and stronger shellComes with- Top and Bottom split gearbox shell- Tappet Plate + Spring- T-Hop + Spring- Trigger + Spring- Cutoff Lever + Spring- Fire Selector Plate + Spring- Spring Stopper- Screws..
Brand: SHS
Bushing is one solid metal piece which is more recommended for high speed build as bearings will heat up and wear faster.Available size :- 7mm- 8mm..
LH Vector V2 Metal Tappet Plate Connector
Out Of Stock
Metal tappet plate connector for Le Hui Vector V2 gearbox..
Brand: Expandgear
Replacement kublai gearbox shell. This gearbox shell uses 8mm bearing and is compatible with the Fighting Bro Quick Gear Module.Comes with shell and screws only...
Fighting Bro Gearbox Spring Set
Out Of Stock
Brand: Fighting Bro
Set includes :- Trigger Safety Spring- Tappet Spring- Fire selector/cutoff lever Spring- Trigger Switch Trolley Spring- Anti Reversal Latch SpringDoes not come with trigger spring..
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