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Improve the rate of fire, responsiveness for your gel blaster with new motor upgrades. Variety of motors with different spec available for your preference.

Ares Long Shaft 480 Slim Motor Ares Long Shaft 480 Slim Motor
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Ares Long Shaft 480 Slim Motor. The premier brand for high performance motors for your preferred AEG Gel blasters.The Slim motor design allows you to use more ergonomic and slimmer motor grips on your gel blaster units...
Brand: SHS
A short shaft motor with a 480 rating from SHS.Provides a small boost to the rate of fire for your preferred gel blasterNOTE!!: Not usable on M4/416 gel blaster models..
Brand: Sijun
Sijun M4/Mk18 gel blaster stock long shaft motor with nylon pinion gear...
Kublai Super High Torque Motor
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Brand: Kublai
Super high torque motor by Kublai. 480 long shaft motor...
Titan M-130 480 Neodymium Magnet Motor Titan M-130 480 Neodymium Magnet Motor
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Brand: Titan
The Titan M-130 480 motor comes with a much more powerful neodymium magnet that delivers 30% more torque than the A-120. This motor is designed specifically to pull the 1.3~1.5 Spring and high torque gears.While the M-130 have a lower RPM than the A-120 but compensate it with a much higher torque to..
Brand: Titan
Titan is back with the 480 motor and the first one to hit the market is the “Titan A-120” 480 motor, it is designed and manufactured specifically for water gel blaster application where both speed and torque is tuned to the optimal performance.The Titan 480 A-120 motor is an entry level upgrade moto..
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