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Panasonic CR123a Batteries
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Disposable CR123a batteries. Genuine Panasonic battery.For optics and flashlight that uses CR123a batteries...
XT30 connector high discharge 11.1v(3s) rechargable lipo battery pack...
EX006 CR123a Rechargeable Battery EX006 CR123a Rechargeable Battery
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Rechargeable battery for your optics, flashlights and other accessories or appliances that is compatible.Charger is not provided...
Boslipo Tactical Version 11.1V 1200 mAH (JM ACR)
-17 % Out Of Stock
11.1v 1200mAH 25c high discharge lipo for JM ACR..
USD15.00 USD12.50
11.1v 25c high discharge lipo with Mini Tamiya connector...
USD15.00 USD12.50
7.4v 25c high discharge lipo with Mini Tamiya connector...
USD12.50 USD10.00
With a lot mislabelled lipo battery in the market, this is a true 1500mAH lipo battery with a discharge rate of 25C, capable to discharge 30A constantly, deliver constant power to your motor. With more powerful motors available in the market, you will need a higher discharge lipo do deliver all the ..
USD12.50 USD10.00
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