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Outer Barrel

HK416 9" outer barrel. 2 piece design.Comes with 16mm to 14mm muzzle adapter. Does not come with a barrel adapter...
Complete outer barrel assembly for ACR.Outer barrel, gas block + gas tube, muzzle, t-hop and outer barrel all in one...
9.5 inch metal outer barrel. Comes in bronze color only..
18CM Metal Outer Barrel(14mm CCW) 18CM Metal Outer Barrel(14mm CCW)
2-3 Days
Fits the SLR outer barrel adapter and SLH muzzle perfectly for your 10 inch ION Lite handguard..
Brand: Kublai
MK18 design 9.5" Outer Barrel for by Kublai. One piece barrel and adapterComes in :- 9.5"- 14"..
LDT 4.8inch extended barrel
Out Of Stock
Brand: LDT
LDT extended barrel for the LDT HK416.Allows you to add the LDT adjustable hop up into the barrel.Requires longer inner barrel to add hop up and this extended barrel...
JM Gen.10 ACR Centering Piece
Out Of Stock
Brand: LDT
Metal outer barrel by LDT. 2 piece design.Comes with a 16mm - 14mm ccw converterNow has 3 different lengths of either 7", 9" or 12"..
Brand: Kublai
Kublai BD556 design outer barrel. Works with Kublai gearbox and T-Hop with no modification required.Lightweight, sleek design and full BD556 marking.2 piece design.Available in :- 14.5 Inch- 7.5 Inch- 10.5 Inch available now..
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