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The Spring mainly dictates how fast and how hard your gel balls will fly, in another words, the FPS output. Comes in different rating from M95 to M125 etc, the heavier the springs the faster and harder the piston inside can push the air out to propel the gel ball.High spring load also means higher stress and wear and tear that will be subjected to the gearbox and other components. Use at your own risk!

Brand: Element
Available in :- M95- M105- M115- M125..
Brand: SHS
High quality springsComes in Spring ratings: M80, M85, M90, M95, M100, M110, M130..
A complete set of upgraded springs for your Version.2 gearbox.More durable and stronger then normal springs or in case you lose your current set of springs...
Brand: Titan
One of the best upgrade springs for your water gel blaster. - 1.1 mm springs gives slightly higher than stock performance.- 1.2 mm springs brings the perfect balance between power (fps) and accuracy.- 1.3 mm springs gives best fps with the use of heavy piston head.- 1.4 mm springs is for highly tune..
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