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SHS Metal Silence Piston Head + Cylinder Head
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Brand: SHS
8mm piston head with rubber padding and cylinder head with rubber padding. No nozzle included.Compatible with:Gen 8 gearbox Gen 9 gearbox SLR gearbox Not compatible with:Kublai gearbox LDT gearboxFB gearbox ..
Brand: SHS
LDT HK416 blowback enabled piston rod with metal teeth..
Titan Nylon Piston Rod with Metal Teeth & Nylon Piston Head
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Brand: Titan
Standard nylon piston rod with metal teeth from Titan.Comes with nylon piston head.Your go to nylon piston rod for standard upgrade when going for the metal gears set...
Brand: Titan
This nylon piston rod by Titan's Aero series has holes on its sides for lesser weight for better performance.LH Vector can also use this piston rod with its slick groovings!..
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