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The gearbox is the heart of the Gel Blaster. Works with the help of battery, motor, simple gear system to generate energy to propel the gels.

Brand: LDT
LDT New 3.0 Gearbox Specifically for the LDT MP5 Gel blaster unit.Having the same features as the standard LDT 3.0 gearboxIt has a different contact terminal compared to the usual LDT 3.0 gearboxes and a longer trigger for it to fit with a LDT MP5 gel blaster lower receiver of your choice.Has a Mini..
Brand: LDT
LDT's own metal piston head, cylinder head and nozzle set.All cylinder heads are silent cylinder head able to suit your needs of a softer sound blaster,NOTE!!: Kindly note that some colour sets may not have the full colour set. They come in blue, purple and red ONLY. Colour sets will be given a..
Brand: Sijun
Sijun Advance Gearbox comes comes with metal gears upgrade and a change in a piston rod.Gives a higher output of air for higher FPS for the Sijun Blaster units.NOTE!!: The unit does NOT have a piston that fits the blowback housing. If you wish to have a blowback unit in your Sijun advance gearb..
Blowback piston rod for the SLR AKComes with Nylon teeth...
Replacement EBB dummy bolt for the K5 Gearbox..
Titan x SLR Advance Gearbox
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Brand: Titan
Type : V2 Type GearboxFeatures :- Preinstalled with 18:1 metal gears set- Gears are pre-shimmed- Upgraded piston with metal teeth- 1.25 spring doing about 250-260 fps with 30cm inner barrelMaterial : Nylon gearbox shell, metal gears, metal bearings, nylon piston head and nozzleCompatibilit..
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