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Automatic Electric Blasters

Battery powered blaster that utilize mechanical gearbox driven by a motor to propel the gel ball. Highly customizable with a plethora of accessories and upgrade parts. Typically having both semi-auto and full auto fire select, electronic units with MOSFET can have more functions and programmable firing modes. FPS can be boosted by simply swapping in a stronger main spring. For certain gearbox models it is possible to imitate the blowback action with an electronic blowback kit.

Note these types of blasters uses gel ball pellets only.
Brand: Jing Ji
Jing Ji now have the favourite picatinny rail set available for Keymod handguards.1 set comes with 4 rails of different length.Each unit also comes with a pack of rail holders for your Keymod handguards.Colour: Black ONLY..
Need a metal outer barrel with a 19mm diameter? Tired of having to get an adapter to fit on your preferred 19mm muzzle units?This metal outer barrel allows you to have that. This outer barrel package comes with a 19mm diameter outer barrel with a proprietary 19mm outer barrel adapter of their own. N..
Brand: Expandgear
Expandgear's new metal cylinder head and piston head for your preferred AEG gel blastersThis new metal cylinder head can be used in most V2 gearbox units. (NOTE!!: This CANNOT be used in Gen 8 or Gen 9 Gearbox units) This cylinder head unit is a silent cylinder head making it quieter whenever y..
13CM Metal outer barrel for your needs of a smaller sized gel blaster.This outer barrel unit has a 14mm CCW thread that allows the usage of 14mm CCW muzzles.Colour: Black ONLY...
30cm Metal Outer barrel for your Preferred gel blasters.This outer barrel unit has a 14mm CCW thread that allows the usage of most 14mm CCW muzzlesColour: Black ONLY..
A R.R. Metal charging handle replica.Has the R.R design etched all around the charging handle.This charging handle unit does not have the dust cover flap opener along with this unit.Colour: Black ONLY..
Brand: LDT
Need to find a replacement of your LDT MP5 gel blaster unit?LDT has made a metal version of the MP5 mag catch.This unit comes with a spring to assist in the mag release and a grub screw to hold everything together...
Need to satisfy your itch to have yourself the 416C look? Can't find the replacement for your outer barrel?We've got your back with the 416C Metal Outer Barrel.This outer barrel has a full metal build that allows the outer barrel to survive hard hits to it. It also have a inner barrel adapter built ..
A nylon rubber nozzle for LDT/FB gearbox units..
The M4 ambidextrous mag release Built in metal construction. Uses the Hex head screws (Be careful not to overtighten the screws to prevent screw stripping)Comes in 2 designs: Standard and SkullColour: Black ONLY...
Need to have a bushing/bearing that can last longer? Tired of having your bushing getting spoiled too quick?Ares has their own stainless steel version of the bushings. As their brand name suggests, these bushings are built to last giving your gears the smoothest movements, allowing your gearbox to h..
Ares Long Shaft 480 Motor. The premier brand of motors for your preferred AEG Gel blaster units has arrived.As the brand suggests, the Ares 480 Motor gives out the best performance with an increased rate of fire for your gel blaster unit...
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