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Automatic Electric Blasters

Battery powered blaster that utilize mechanical gearbox driven by a motor to propel the gel ball. Highly customizable with a plethora of accessories and upgrade parts. Typically having both semi-auto and full auto fire select, electronic units with MOSFET can have more functions and programmable firing modes. FPS can be boosted by simply swapping in a stronger main spring. For certain gearbox models it is possible to imitate the blowback action with an electronic blowback kit.

Note these types of blasters uses gel ball pellets only.
Brand: Kublai
When it comes to Kublai, we know them for the second to none quality and attention to detail. Their metal handguards are no different.Replica of The D.D. Omega Rail Picatinny Handguard.Features :- Quad picatinny rail system- Build in QD mount point- Uninterrupted upper rail platformType : M4/AR15 ty..
XM T02 Carbon Fiber Buttstock
New Out Of Stock
The XM T02 Carbon fiber buttstock is very suitable for those who want to have a lightweight blaster unitThis buttstock unit has a very interesting feature for adjustments. It has a button unlike most buttstock units, where the unit has a button to allow the adjustor knob to hang freely.Colour: ..
Brand: Sijun
Sijun's own full metal gearbox has arrived in our store.This unit has a split feature that allows you to check the gears and piston rod with ease and without removing the whole receiver unit, just like the GSL SR16 gearbox unit.The gearbox is made completely out of sturdy metal construction, allowin..
XYL(LM) ARP-9 Blaster Kit
Out Of Stock
Brand: XYL
The long-awaited XYL(LM) ARP-9 blaster kit has arrived in our shop.This kit comes with all of the necessary pieces needed (Nylon Receiver shell, gearbox with metal gears & MOSFET, Nylon handguard, pistol grip, buffer tube, buttstock, outer barrel, and 480 motor[nylon pinion gear]) to build up th..
BCM M-LOK Rail Panel Kit BCM M-LOK Rail Panel Kit
Out Of Stock
Still missing something for your complete BCM look for your gel blaster?We have your back with the BCM Rail Panel Kit for M-LOK handguards.This BCM M-LOK Rail panel kit is a direct attach fit on to your preferred M-LOK Handguard. Recommended to use on handguards with length of 7 Inches and more.Come..
The metal replica of the XBC SI Bolt release has arrived in our shops.This unit is a full metal build bolt release for your M4 gel blaster unit.NOTE!!: This bolt release unit is just a dummy bolt release unit and best used on JM Gen 9 units or Jing Ji SLR gel blaster unit.Colour: Black, Sa..
LH SIG552/SLRAK 480 Motor LH SIG552/SLRAK 480 Motor
Out Of Stock
Brand: Le Hui
Need to have a new motor for your favourite LH SIG 552 / LH SLR AK gel blaster unit?Le Hui now has a 480 rating motor for those 2 gel blaster unit.This motor unit does not come with a pinion gear.Gearbox Compatibility: LH SIG 552 & LH SLR AK gel blaster unit ONLY..
T.I. Metal Trigger guard for M4 T.I. Metal Trigger guard for M4
Out Of Stock
Tired of the usual straight or bent-shape you see in the M4 Gel blaster units?We have a new trigger guard for your beloved M4 gel blaster units.This T.I. Metal trigger guard replica has a new curved look for your M4 gel blaster unit.This trigger guard have the T.I. name etched onto the trigger guard..
Brand: Le Hui
Need a new gearbox shell for one of Le Hui's best gel blaster unit?They have come with a new nylon gearbox shell for better durability with the SLRAK gearbox unit. This allow your SLR AK gel blaster to play more games.NOTE!!: This listing ONLY provides the Gearbox shell and the gearbox shell sc..
Brand: Le Hui
Need a new gearbox shell for your LH MCX gel blaster unit? Having the feeling that your gearbox shell may break soon?We have the solution for you. The LH MCX gearbox shell is made entirely out of nylon, giving greater durability over the standard acrylic gearbox shell it comes in.This unit ONLY cont..
Brand: Le Hui
Need a replacement for your broken spring stopper/guide in your LH preferred gel blaster?We have the replacement spring stopper unit for you. This spring stopper unit is a full metal build. This unit is ONLY compatible with the LH AUG/ LH SLRAK/ LH SIG552 gel blaster units.This unit comes with ..
SHS Shim Set
Out Of Stock
Brand: SHS
SHS has made many upgradable parts for your preferred AEG gel blaster gearbox units.Now they have their own shim set for your needs to give your AEG gel blaster gearbox unit a much better performance.This shim set have 27 shim pieces. 9 pieces of 0.1mm shim, 9 pieces of 0.2mm shim piece and 9 pieces..
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