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Worker Prophecy/Retaliator Expanded Plunger Tube with Rod

  • Brand: Worker
  • Product Code: Worker Prophecy/Retaliator Expanded Plunger Tube with Rod
  • Availability: In Stock

Parts included:

- Expanded Tube

- Plunger Rod

- Oring

- Thumbscrew

To fit this expanded tube kit in Worker shell, you will need to trim the plunger tube support as shown in the picture. This will allow you to fit the expanded tube in but to utilise the longer spring that is recommended for the expanded plunger tube, you need to also enlarge the hole where the plunger rod passes through at the back of the shell. You will also need to a compatible buttstock such as the Worker PDW stock to act as the rest. The thumbscrew included, will be used to lock the buttstock to the shell in place.

That being said, if you wish to use standard length Retaliator Spring(normal Worker/Titan/NerfTurf etc ret spring), all you need to do is trim the inner part of your shell.

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