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Worker 14 Darts Full Length PMAG

  • Brand: Worker
  • Product Code: Worker 14 Darts Full Length PMAG
  • Availability: In Stock
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Worker's 14 rounds PMAG. This is the latest product from Worker, this PMAG is a more updated version of the F10555 PMAG, this has better material and build quality, slimmer and also look a lot more better due to it's size. Maximum darts capacity is 15, but recommended dart load is 13-14.

Ranger plate is sold seperately. The ranger plate is made of soft rubber/silicone, at first glance may seems like a tacticool only accessories but in practice it actually does serve its purpose. It makes the mag a lot more easy to access especially when you use a Fastmag, it become a lot more intuitive to use your finger to pull it out. Also when you release the mag from your blaster, it act as a impact absorber, thus protecting your mag when it fall down to the ground.

Overall Rating 5
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