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Silverknight x Titan Split Metal Gearbox

Silverknight x Titan Split Metal Gearbox

We know some people may have budget constraint preventing them from getting the popular split gearbox in the market.

That's where this Silverknight x Titan gearbox comes in. Now you can transplant your existing LDT 3.0 gearbox into this gearbox shell and have a top and bottom splitting metal gearbox without burning a huge hole in your pocket.

This gearbox shell takes standard V2 gearbox parts and cylinder head + nozzle designed for LDT 3.0 (some modification to the cylinder head may be needed). The bearing fitment issues have been solved by our master modder by carefully sanding the bearing holes so each Silverknight gearbox shell that goes out from our shop will fit 8mm bearings nicely.

In the box :
- Top gearbox shell

- Bottom gearbox shell

- 8mm bearings (6 pcs)

- Screws and Nuts

- Butterfly piece for screwing in the grip

- Mag terminal holder (Plastic)

- Tappet plate

- Fire selector plate

Notes :

- Does not come with spring stopper. Compatible with LDT 3.0 or Titan spring stopper

- Works with LDT 3.0 T-Hop
- May require some modding to work perfectly

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