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Titan M-130 480 Neodymium Magnet Motor

Titan M-130 480 Neodymium Magnet Motor

The Titan M-130 480 motor comes with a much more powerful neodymium magnet that delivers 30% more torque than the A-120. This motor is designed specifically to pull the 1.3~1.5 Spring and high torque gears.

While the M-130 have a lower RPM than the A-120 but compensate it with a much higher torque to optimize the reliability of your gel blaster gearbox. The increased torque will improve the trigger response of the gearbox, and also helps to prevent the gearbox from being locked up when you are running a high spring load.

The M-130 is designed to run with a 11.1v Lipo battery, even with a lower RPM at 25k, this motor will deliver 22rps(round per second) easily with the increased torque. Not only the motor is able to deliver more torque; it also consumes lower current, the result is a motor that will runs much cooler with extensive usage.The M-130 is a motor that will allow you to shoot more gel in game while maintaining a high rate of fire with good trigger response. The M-130 also comes with CNC aluminium motor cover that helps dissipates heat better than the regular plastic motor cover, further improving its reliability.

PS: The RPS is tested with a 11.1v Lipo battery and 18:1 Gearset.

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