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The tactical look and feel 3D printed forend pump grip by DK for your Colonel Wasp Firefly blaster!*AFG in the picture is sold separately*..
Brand: Worker
Type C 45 degree angled foregrip.Transparent only...
Brand: Worker
P90 style foregrip that mounts on 22mm picatinny rail.Comes in transparent, semi translucent black, semi translucent blue..
Brand: Worker
Designed for the new Worker honeybadger barrel but also works on other barrel...
Angled Fore Grip (AFG2)
Out Of Stock
Slight longer than AFG1. Available only in black..
Brand: F10555
This pump grip is meant for Retaliator using Longstrike barrel. For standard retaliator barrel, please purchase the other version .Note: The pump grip piece is 3D printed...
Brand: Worker
Tired of all those pump grip retaliator and want something better than the stock retaliator prime mechanism? Attach this side prime grip to the top of your retaliator, fit it with a buttstock and rapid prime it away!A full aluminium build crafted with CNC technology ensure durability no matter what ..
Brand: F10555
Designed by Yokyo, produced by F10555, this longshot pump grip offer a much lower profile than your standard pump grip.Due to this, this pump grip will REQUIRES SHELL MODDING before can be installed...
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