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Brand: Worker
Full auto pusher + return spring for Worker Stryfe/Dominator full auto pusher..
Brand: Worker
This is sort of an unexpected product from Worker, the Worker Hurricane flywheel blaster. It is a small form factor flywheel blaster, pretty much a sidearm for your foam flinging loadout.The hurricane is powered by 2 AA size battery but you can just cut off the wiring point and pair it with a XT60 c..
Worker Full Length Darts
Out Of Stock
Brand: Worker
Full length darts made by Worker. Sold in pack of 100 darts...
Brand: Worker
This is for Worker Swordfish shell only. If you want Stryfe version, please purchase that instead...
Brand: Worker
This is for Stryfe only. If you want Swordfish version, please purchase that instead...
Brand: Worker
For full length/streamline user.Available in semi translucent black for nowParts included:- Full Length/Streamline breech - Breech Oring- Bolt sled pin..
Brand: Worker
Worker Hexmag is slightly longer than their PMAG hence allows it to carry up to 16 rounds in a single mag...
A SCAR looking mag which accommodates up to 10 full length dart.Only available in Black..
Brand: Worker
Worker's 14 rounds PMAG. This is the latest product from Worker, this PMAG is a more updated version of the F10555 PMAG, this has better material and build quality, slimmer and also look a lot more better due to it's size. Maximum darts capacity is 15, but recommended dart load is 13-14.Ranger plate..
Stryfe Full Auto Kit
Hot Top Brand Out Of Stock
Brand: XSW
Convert your semi automatic stryfe into full auto. Can be installed with separate battery tray or wired directly to the main battery.On 2 ultrafire(around 8V), it can do 7+ darts per second. 3 ultrafire setup should bump it up to 11-12 darts per second.P/S: This is a DIY kit. Installation video:(cre..
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