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Nerf Rapidstrike

The RapidStrike CS-18 is an automatic blaster. It features five tactical rails: one on the carrying handle, one on top, one underneath, and one on each side of the blaster. It also has an integrated, adjustable shoulder stock, a small flip-up iron sight on top of the barrel, and four strap points: one on the end of the handle, two on the end of the tactical rail, and one above the muzzle. Like other N-Strike Elite blasters, its clip release button is located in front of the firing trigger and its acceleration trigger.

The barrel of the RapidStrike is rifled, similar to the Retaliator barrel extension. It is compatible with barrel extensions. Due to the barrel extension connector being a separate piece of plastic from the main barrel, it can loosen up, resulting in a loose fitting barrel extension.


OFP Serenity Flywheel Cage (Stryfe/RS) OFP Serenity Flywheel Cage (Stryfe/RS)
Out Of Stock
The Serenity flywheel cage is a mid crush cage designed to rival the performance of OFP high crush cage while staying compatible with a wider array of dart include FVJ darts.This flywheel cage scores 150FPS on elite darts while sporting a 42.5mm crush rate. If you are new to flywheel, this cage perf..
OFP Morpheus Dart Guide OFP Morpheus Dart Guide
Out Of Stock
One of the very first official release of OFP product.The morpheus dart guide is a CNC aluminium dart guide which is used together with their 3D printed cage to achieve better accuracy. If you own or use one of their printed cage today, we strongly suggest you to get 1 to pair them up!Morpheus is no..
Worker Metal High Crush Orange Flywheel (Diamond Pattern) Worker Metal High Crush Orange Flywheel (Diamond Pattern)
Out Of Stock
Brand: Worker
Note: Due to it's heavy weight, it's recommended only if you have a higher RPM setup with a higher torque in order to achieve glass ceiling velocity...
Brand: Worker
Stock can be either in purple or silver color.Includes: - Worker Flywheel Cage - Worker Flywheel Cage Aluminium Barrel..
Brand: Worker
Convert all your nerf rail on your Rapidstrike to picantinny rail instead! Allows you to attach 20mm rail attachment...
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