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Make your Worker Phoenix look more tacticool with the SMG bodykit.Comes with a Scar rifled barrel, Muzzle, Foldable foregrip, Magwell flare, and retractable stock .Color: Black ONLY..
A Pump grip shell for the Nerf Longshot dart blaster.Ergonomic shotgun grip for better handling on your blaster.Has a new charging handle to accommodate the pump grip bars.Color: Black ONLY...
Scar rifled muzzle for your Nerf/Worker Dart blaster.Has spiral inner grooves for more spin on your dart.Length: 8cm ONLYNo. of spiral grooves: 8 grooves or 12 grooves ONLY..
Scar rifled muzzle for your Nerf/Worker dart blasters.Gives your darts some spin Length: 12cm ONLYSpiral groove number: 8 Grooves or 12 Grooves ONLY..
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