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Shanye x MM Cheetah 2.0 Pump Grip Conversion Kit

Shanye x MM Cheetah 2.0 Pump Grip Conversion Kit

The new version of the cheetah 2.0 Pump grip conversion kit, this time Shanye has done it in collaboration with us.

This new pump grip conversion kit now has a much better build compared to the previous version. The handguard unit now comes in one piece instead of making it into 2 pieces. A completely flat top rail for your cheetah pump grip conversion kit removing the annoyance of having an uneven top rail blocking the usage of your preferred sight. The small ring that is not a centering ring but a groove cover for the plunger tube of the Cheetah 2.0 unit.

The new kit also features an improved pump system with a new brass sleeve to make the pump action smoother than before. Now the placement of the top cover is better and has holding points compared to the old version.

The warnings from the old cheetah pump grip still applies. This conversion kit is a PERMANENT conversion on your Worker Cheetah 2.0, there is no going back to the original look of the Cheetah 2.0. NOT RECOMMENDED for beginner modders! This unit comes with the extra screws to complete the assembly and a shock padding for the plunger rod.

UPDATE 10/6/2022: The build/assembly guide is here

(NOTE!!: To those who have placed the notification on the old Shanye Pump grip conversion kit, kindly remove it.)

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