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S200 Complete Carbine Kit

S200 Complete Carbine Kit

Just like the Basic carbine body kit, the complete carbine kit comes with the necessary parts and pieces.

This body kit comes with an additional upper piece that covers the priming bars from the basic carbine bodykit.

The top piece has a raised iron sights and a removable picatinny rail mount to put your preferred red dot sight. The unit also has the holding point for the AEG/AEB buffer tube to allow the usage of your preferred buttstock. It also has the retractable buffer tube holder (requires a grub screw with a 4mm diameter to hold the buffer tube in place).

Recommendations for the grip is the same as the basic carbine body kit. Please do NOT use the vertical grip as it can affect the priming of the blaster.

Highly recommended in HvZ (Human versus Zombie) games.

The Sotac Sig Romeo 3, Slanted Grip, Xpower Buffer Tube and CTR Buttstock in the picture does NOT come together with the kit. They are sold separately.

NOTE!!: Kindly look at our blog post to have the Installation guide.

Here's the links to the Buffertube and the Worker Slanted foregrip.

Buttstock link: ( Any AEG buttstock can be used )

Colour: Black ONLY

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