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Rifling Swin Worker Swift Upgrade Kit

Rifling Swin Worker Swift Upgrade Kit
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  • Model: Rifling Swin Worker Swift Upgrade Kit
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Upgrade your Worker Swift with the new Rifling Swin upgrade kit. Boosting your Swift FPS to another level. 

With this upgrade kit the Swift able to reach (tested with different darts):

Worker Stefan Gen 3 - 220-235 FPS
Worker Gen 2 HE - 240-250 FPS
Worker Gen 2 Bamboo - 235-250 FPS
Dragon Jr - 250-255 FPS
QWK EPP- 250-255 FPS
ACE Bamboo- 141-224 FPS

This upgrade kit includes:

1x 540mm Rifling Swin threaded barrel (inner diameter: 13.05mm / outer diameter: 15.95mm)

1x 1.6 Spring

1x Plunger rod with O-ring

1x Rifling Swin Metal trigger

1x Threaded dart gate

1x Rifling Swin fish line scar rifled muzzle 

NOTES:  The trigger and catch spring are not included in this kit, will need to reuse from the original Worker Swift blaster you own. 
WARNING: The piston of this kit is NOT COMPATIBLE with any of the spring from Worker

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