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QWK x MM Challenger Mk3 Standard Edition

QWK x MM Challenger Mk3 Standard Edition
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  • Model: QWK x MM Challenger Mk3 Standard Edition
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23/5/2022: The QWK Standard edition now comes in full black translucent, the same colours of the QWK Challenger MK3 Pro edition.

The QWK Challenger MK3 is finally available. As per title, this version of MK3 that you obtain from our store is different from the usual ones as we partnered with QWK to create something we think Nerfers would want. By Nerfers, for Nerfers!

This is based on the standard edition of the Challenger MK3 which uses a nylon instead of a full CNC metal gearbox compared to the PRO version. It doesn't have bolt lock feature. The buttstock bar and  charging handle bolt is nylon instead of the metal ones found in the PRO version. The PRO version have a stiffer spring which allows the blaster to hit 170-180FPS depending on the darts used compared to the 120-130FPS found in the regular standard edition. Bear in mind the PRO version cost twice as much as the standard edition.

So what did we tuned for this blaster in our own release? The breech and plunger tube have been upgraded to metal instead of nylon. The usual Standard and PRO Edition comes with only nylon breech and plunger tube. With this reinforcement, it allows us to use the PRO spring even though it's not a full CNC metal gearbox, hence we popped that in as well. To further improve reliability, we installed PyreCannon's MK3 Active Dart Corrector in this blaster. This will ensure much smoother feeding to reduce jam rate. After all these upgrade, you got yourself a close to jam free automatic springer with 160-180FPS performance and improved durability, all for almost half of what the PRO version cost.

Please be noted that due to the complication of shipping a whole assembled blaster, we will be shipping the MK3 in a partially disassembled condition. You will have to put it together before it can be used. Don't worry, it's real simple and a video guide will be provided before we started shipping them.

You can read more about the product in this blog post

Package includes:

- Blaster with Pro Max (160-180FPS) spring installed

- 1 magazine

Note: This blaster requires a XT-30 battery and it's NOT INCLUDED in the package; THIS BLASTER PACKAGE REQUIRES MINOR ASSEMBLY BEFORE IT CAN BE USED.

This is the Standard Edition, not the PRO Edition. This version had been tuned with QWK and Monkee Mods. 

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