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QWK X MM Challenger Mk3 Magnetic Active Dart Corrector

QWK X MM Challenger Mk3 Magnetic Active Dart Corrector

The latest updated PyreCannon Active Dart Corrector for the QWK Challenger Mk3. This is a 3D Printed Nylon product.

Unlike the first few batches of the Active Dart Corrector, it is now magnetic based instead of spring loaded to correct the dart orientation.

The concept of the Magnetic Active Dart Corrector is to utilize the Magnetic Repulsion to apply a downward pressure with the corrector plate to keep the darts orientation right before they are fed into the barrel by the breech/pusher; to reduce the chances of the blaster jamming.

This also immensely reduces the downward pressure on the pusher/breech in the process of chambering the dart, hence greatly reducing, if not completely eliminating the "Bolt not able to close/seal completely" issue.

This product is also compatible with any version of the QWK Challenger MK3, Standard, Pro or the Pro Max. 

Please install the dart corrector properly when its tightened to the receiver, check and make sure its aligned horizontally to the pusher/breech and not crooked, or it will not work properly and even cause damage to the system.

Check these videos below out to see it in action!
Slow motion video
Actual speed

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