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QWK x MM Challenger Mk3 Pro Max Edition

QWK x MM Challenger Mk3 Pro Max Edition

This is the Pro Max version of the Challenger MK3. In the PRO MAX version, the MK3 comes with bolt lock feature, a CNC metal gearbox and on top of that metal internals. This allows it to utilise much stronger spring but the spring provided will perform about 180FPS. 3 extra picatinny rails are included, so is 2 magazines as well. This version of PRO MAX also comes with improved nylon body. A bearing SCAR also included to improve accuracy.

In this version, we installed PyreCannon's MK3 Active Dart Corrector in this blaster. This will ensure much smoother feeding to reduce jam rate. After all these upgrade, you got yourself a close to jam free automatic springer with 160-180FPS performance and improved durability.

Please be noted that due to the complication of shipping a whole assembled blaster, we will be shipping the MK3 in a partially disassembled condition. You will have to put it together before it can be used. Don't worry, it's real simple and a video guide will be provided before we started shipping them.

Updates From Monkee Mods (27/2/2023)

This new batch of QWK X MM Challenger MK3 Pro Max had some changes, 

- The colour for the of the blaster will be in Sand. 

- The bearing muzzle had be upgrade into brass bearing muzzle 

You can read more about the product in this blog post

You can also find our assembly guide with this Link

Package includes:

- Blaster

- 3 Picatinny rail

- 2 magazine

- 10 QWK short dart

Note: This blaster requires a XT-30 battery and it's NOT INCLUDED in the package; THIS BLASTER PACKAGE REQUIRES MINOR ASSEMBLY BEFORE IT CAN BE USED.

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