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QWK x MM Challenger MK3 Dart Corrector MAGNETS (only)

QWK x MM Challenger MK3 Dart Corrector MAGNETS (only)

Update your spring loaded Active Dart corrector now with these magnets!

The concept of the Magnetic Active Dart Corrector is to utilize the Magnetic Repulsion to apply a downward pressure with the corrector plate to keep the darts orientation right before they are fed into the barrel by the breech/pusher; to reduce the chances of the blaster jamming.

This also immensely reduces the downward pressure on the pusher/breech in the process of chambering the dart, hence greatly reducing, if not completely eliminating the "Bolt not able to close/seal completely" issue.

This product consist of 4 pieces of magnets ONLY. If you need the entire Magnetic Active Dart Corrector unit please purchase it 

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