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Sotac M-003 DOCTER Red Dot Sight

Sotac M-003 DOCTER Red Dot Sight

The DOCTER RMR red dot sight from Sotac.

Has the DOCTER design etched on the top arch of the sight. This unit can be used on 20mm Picatinny rails.

This unit comes with a Glock RMR Mount for your preferred Glock slides with MOS mounting. It also has the required tools to help adjust your windage and changing the sight mounts.

The sight uses a light sensor unit instead of the typical +/- buttons to adjust your laser reticle brightness. This means that the light will adjust to how much light is being caught by the sensor(Located at the front part of the sight). This unit also has a locking mechanism with its windage/zeroing adjusters. Kindly unlock them first (located on the rear part of the sight) before adjusting your windage of your sights.

This sight unit uses a CR2032 flat button battery (Not included in the pack)

Colour: Black ONLY

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