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Sotac FAS G33 Magnifier mount

Sotac FAS G33 Magnifier mount

Have a sight that has an elevated mount? Want to use the magnifier scope but don't have the proper mount to use it?

The Sotac FAS G33 Magnifier mount can meet your needs to have an elevated magnifier and sight unit set.

This scope mount unit has a feature that makes it special compared to the other magnifier units. This magnifier mount moves downwards instead of the standard sideway opening when you want to use the red dot sight/ holographic sight of your choice.

This mount unit can be used on 20mm picatinny rails. 

This magnifier mount unit is best used along with Sotac's FAS Unity Mount for T1/T2.


NOTE!!: This Magnifier mount does not come with the 3x magnifier in the package.

Colour: Sand ONLY

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