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F10555 is a sister company of Worker, a well known aftermarket parts manufacturer. F10555 focus on producing 3D printed parts and offers a huge variety of body kits, pump grip kit, muzzle, battery tray expander etc. Their products cover a huge range of Nerf blaster from discontinued legacy blaster like Longstrike, to the latest Rival series blaster. With their legion of printers in their warehouse, they are capable to produce custom parts in a very short amount of time. F10555 have one of the best print quality control within the market. Since they are a sister company of Worker, their products usually contains a mixture of injection and printed parts, allowing them to create more complex products with higher durability.

F10555 Longshot Low Profile Pump Grip F10555 Longshot Low Profile Pump Grip
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Designed by Yokyo, produced by F10555, this longshot pump grip offer a much lower profile than your standard pump grip.Due to this, this pump grip will REQUIRES SHELL MODDING before can be installed...
Apollo SGG main assembly -SGG assemblyShotgun style grip Buttstock 10cm top rail x1 Note: Red dot sight not included ..
AK-12 Main assembly Stryfe Modular front adaptorTop railBottom railFront sightRear sightWorker inner barrelSide patch cover for Stryfe AK-12 Foldable Stock QD Sling mount for stock Stryfe top rail 279mm ..
An extended buttstock for Longshot.(not adjustable)Available in black and grey...
SCAR Main assembly - Stryfe Modular front adaptor- SCAR front barrel- 10cm side rail x2- 15cm top rail mount x1- 15cm bottom rail x1- Foldable front sight- Foldable rear sightSide patch cover for StryfeFN SCAR foldable buttstockTop rail for Stryfe 279mmThis kit DOES NOT contain: - Blaster- Any..
This longshot top rail gives your Longshot a sleek look, removing the ugly top handle from Longshot.This will REQUIRES SHELL MODDING and we strongly recommend you to attach the rail using epoxy to ensure they last...
F10555 Longshot Pump Grip F10555 Longshot Pump Grip
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A 3D printed pump grip, both affordable and comfortable to use.Although it is 3D printed, this kit comes with a metal bolt and metal prime bar, certainly capable to handle 14-18KG spring load...
This is a 3D printed kit.This kit includes: -     SAF-2000 Main assembly - Stryfe Modular front adaptor - SAF-200 front barrel- 50mm rail x 2- QD sling mount-     Worker inner barrel-    Side patch cover for Stryfe-  &n..
This is a 3D Printed kit.This kit includes:- Front Barrel attachment- Stryfe Top Patch and Side Patch- 2x 5cm Side Rails- 27.9cm Stryfe Top Rail Mount- Worker Inner BarrelThis kit DOES NOT contains:- Any kind of muzzle- Foregrip attachment- Buttstock- Blaster*New White color kit now available..
This is a 3D Printed kit.This kit includes:G36 Long barrel main assembly- Stryfe Modular front adaptor- G36 long front barrel- 100mm rail x 2- 150mm rail x 1- 190mm rail x 1- Worker Inner barrelG36 Carry handles assemblySide rail set G36 SightThis kits doesnt include:- Muzzle-ButtstockNote: For oran..
F10555 Stryfe G36C Short Kit F10555 Stryfe G36C Short Kit
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This is a 3D Printed kit.This kit includes:-     G36 Short barrel main assembly-       Stryfe Modular front adaptor-       G36 short front barrel-       50mm rail x 1-   &n..
This is a 3D printed kit.This kit includes:ACR AK Short ver main assembly                 -      StryfeModualr front adaptor-       AK rear sight-       AK front sight- ..
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