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Worker Phoenix Mag
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Brand: Worker
Worker Phoenix mag- 10 Stefan dart mag- Translucent orange only..
USD6.00 USD5.10
Type : Pistol HolsterFeature :- Simple holster with a belt clip and elastic safety latchMaterial : Nylon fabricComes in : - Black..
USD5.00 USD4.25
Type : SlingFeatures : - Two point sling- Elastic bungee cord- Adjustable strapMaterial : Elastic and nylon fabric and metal sling hookCompatibility : Anything with a sling hook pointComes with : Sling itselfAvailable in : - Black- Sand- Olive Drab..
USD3.75 USD3.19
Brand: Worker
Preinstalled rubber paddingAvailable in :- Red- Silver- Rose Gold..
USD4.25 USD3.61
A Metal replica of D.D. Iron SightComes in :- Black- Bare Aluminium Silver..
USD20.00 USD17.00
Flashlight with picatinny mount and pressure plate activation..
USD45.00 USD38.25
This can be used as a battery holder if you decide to do a forward wiring with your blaster or can be used as a tacticool piece on your blaster.Comes with detailed stickers. Available in :- Sand- Black..
USD11.25 USD9.56
Type : MuzzleMaterial : AluminumCompatibility : 19mm direct attachDimension : 23 x 23 x 56mm, 20mm(Front Opening)Weight : 20gAvailable in : Black only..
USD5.00 USD4.25
Type : MuzzleMaterial : AluminumCompatibility : 19mm direct attachDimension : 23 x 21 x 59mm, 19mm(Front Opening)Weight : 22gAvailable in : Black only..
USD5.00 USD4.25
Includes:- UMP9 body kit set- UMP9 Muzzle- UMP9 sight- UMP9 Buttstock- Side Patch and 2x 5cm rail- Inner BarrelDoes not include:- Blaster- Mags*New white color kit now available..
USD62.50 USD53.13
Brand: Worker
It's a PDW stock but sadly it's not retractable. The buttstock is injection molded but steel bars are used instead to ensure the stock is solid enough.Length: 245mmHeight : 113mm Width: 50mm..
USD17.00 USD14.45
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