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Brand: Monkee Mods
After a long wait, Monkee Mods finally bringing you a new spring for upgrading your QWK Challenger MK3 Pro.This is a 12KG spring for QWK Challenger MK3 Pro, a tougher spring that can provide you a higher FPS count with your QWK Challenger MK3 Pro.Expected FPS with this 12KG spring:210 - 220 FPS with..
USD5.00 USD4.25
Brand: T-Eagle
The T-Eagle Short scope mount has arrived in our shop!This specific scope mount unit is designed to go with the short-sized scopes such as the T-Eagle SR 2.5x28 RG or the T-Eagle MARCH SR3x28 scope.This scope mount can ONLY hold scopes with 30mm diameter tubes.NOTE!: Scope is sold
USD8.75 USD7.44
Need more FPS out of your current S200 Blaster?We got the new 1.8 Upgrade spring for the S200 Fire Rat unit.This unit allows your s200 blaster unit to hit at an average fps of roughly 150.BE WARNED!!: This upgrade spring will give a higher tension applied throughout the whole blaster. Be sure t..
USD2.50 USD2.13
Brand: Worker
High quality CNC metal muzzleDoes not have threads for silencer attachments..
USD7.00 USD5.95
Brand: Turnigy
Stick on battery charge marker. Packs of 2 units..
USD1.50 USD1.28
Features :- Removable rubber shoulder pad for easy battery access- Sling attachment pointsType : ButtstockMaterial : Nylon + RubberCompatibility : Standard M4/HK416 buffer tubeDimensions (Approx) : 57mm width, 200mm length, 130mm heightWeight : 327gComes with : Buttstock onl..
USD13.75 USD11.69
Features :- Slim and low profile- QD mount pointType : ButtstockMaterial : Nylon and RubberCompatibility : Standard M4/HK416 buffer tubeDimensions (Approx) : 42mm width, 190mm length, 140mm heightWeight : 233gComes with : Buttstock onlyAvailable in : Black and Sand..
USD17.50 USD14.88
Dummy battery that can be used in conjunction with aftermarket batteries such as LifePo4, ultrafires and trustfire batteries to fill up the excess battery slots in the battery compartment.DO NOT CHARGE THESE BATTERIES!..
USD0.50 USD0.43
Brand: Worker
Add the picatinny rails to your NERF modified/Worker blaster with the 19cm Picatinny rail from Worker. This rail unit allows you to place picatinny accessories onto your preferred dart blaster. ENSURE that your NERF-modified/Worker blaster have the screw ports to hold this rail...
USD3.00 USD2.55
Brand: Worker
It's a PDW stock but sadly it's not retractable. The buttstock is injection molded but steel bars are used instead to ensure the stock is solid enough.Length: 245mmHeight : 113mm Width: 50mm..
USD17.00 USD14.45
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