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Monkee Mods Hammershot 8 Shot Cylinder Kit

  • Brand: Monkee Mods
  • Product Code: Monkee Mods Hammershot 8 Shot Cylinder Kit
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NOTE: This current batch have a tighter dart fit and you will need to twist fit dart into the barrel instead of pushing in directly. Due to this issue, we decided not to raise the price of the kit and keep it at it's old pricing. You have been warned. The barrel is approx 12.6-12.7mm in diameter.

A Hammershot 8 shot metal cylinder kit for all your sidearm needs.

The cylinder holds up to 8 darts at a time, CNC in aluminium and then anodized in a variety of colors to ensure smooth finishing. Compared to it's 3D printed counterparts, it's more durable, more accurate and provide a much better air seal. The smooth finishing will ensure your darts to sit more loosely within the barrel and together with improved air seal, it allows you to achieve greater FPS. 

The kit came with 3 parts. The metal cylinder itself, a resin printed front piece holder and a resin printed gear which is responsible to make the cylinder turn properly. The parts are put through a series of stress test to ensure they will work under any situation. If you are worried that your plastic gears might wore up after a period of usage, fret not, we offer FREE replacement for the part! Don't worry, we won't hang you out to dry.

This kit does not require AR removal to use hence it's just as simple as open up your blaster, and then replace the cylinder with this kit and you are good to go!

Designed by BlasterforgePH.

Manufactured, packaged and distributed by Monkee Mods.

Overall Rating 4
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