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Titan Cronus-X

  • Brand: Titan
  • Product Code: Titan Cronus-X
  • Availability: In Stock

Electroplated in black(both housing and end cover), powered by a strong bonded neodynium, Titan Cronus-X outputs a stall torque of, making it as good as XP180, if not better.

It's developed for 3S LiPo battery pack with an expectation stall of 30+A for each motor and with that high stall torque, it certainly makes spin up time close to non-existence.

All that amount of raw power from this beast, and all it will cost you is just $7 per motor. A fantastic price I will say for such amount of power.

Definitely this will be motor of our choice moving forward if we are looking at a 180 build. It crushes through FVJ in 41.5mm high crush cage like a breeze(not something we recommend as it destroy the dart).

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