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Enhanced catch plate for the NERF Longshot/ Worker Terminator BlasterSmaller opening on the catch plate to ensure that the plunger tube sits nicely.Comes with an extra spring.Blaster Compatibility: Nerf Longshot and/or Worker Terminator Blasters ONLY!Color: Red ONLY...
Black stefan darts with a rounded waffle head.NOTE!: These darts are NOT from Worker!..
The Orange AccuStrike Stefan dartsNOTE!: These darts are NOT from Worker..
White Stefan darts with a webbed waffle headNOTE!: These darts are NOT from Worker!..
Black stafan darts with Waffle headsNOTE!: These Waffle head darts are not under Worker...
Purple waffle head stefan dartsNOTE!: This waffle head stefan darts are NOT from Worker...
Adapter for the Worker Talon Stefan dart mags ONLY.Magazine Compatibility: Worker Talon Slanted Stefan Mag ONLY!! Blaster Compatibility: Nerf Springer BlastersColor: Transparent only..
Tune your blaster with these inner barrel to increase your blaster efficiency and FPS output. Using a proper length of barrel will increase your blaster FPS as an optimum length of barrel will allow your blaster to hit it's peak performance. There are no best length of barrel as it depends on your b..
High quality CNC metal muzzleDoes not have threads for silencer attachments..
Talon Stefan Mag adapter with mag release already attachedCompatible with normal Worker Talon Stefan Mag and Worker Curved Talon Stefan MagAvailable in transparent only..
Adapter for Worker slanted talon stefan mag ONLYMagazine Compatibility: Worker Talon Slanted Stefan Mag ONLY!!Blaster Compatibility: Magazine fed Flywheel type blasterColor: Transparent only..
Worker's design of the new curved type stefan mag. It holds 18 rounds of stefan darts.The mags comes in a nice matte brushed metal texture that gives a premium feel to it.A separate adapter is required to use this mag on any nerf/worker blasters with stefan setup..
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