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Brand: F10555
Add a sci-fi looking handguard to your vanilla Hammershot...
Brand: F10555
This kit includes :- F2000 Front Handguard- Worker 27.9CM Picatinny rail mount- Buttstock- Inner barrel of choiceDoes not include :- Nerf Rayven Blaster- Mags- Iron Sights- Muzzle..
Brand: F10555
This kit includes :- Handguard- Top Rail- Buttstock- Front Iron Post- Front Inner Barrel Holder- Inner barrel of choiceDoes not include :- Nerf Rayven Blaster- Mags- Rear Sight Post- Muzzle..
Brand: F10555
L shaped 3D printed buttstock for Nerf Stryfe blaster with a battery compartment...
Brand: F10555
One of the most well known blaster within the community, designed by none other than Captain Slug himself, the caliburn is a 3D printed blaster made with hardware store parts. The blaster have been around for quite some time and this is a variant of Caliburn made and packaged by Worker/F10555. ..
Brand: F10555
Extend and decorate your Longshot with F10555 Longshot Extended Barrel. It looks well especially when you slap on a silencer. Include:- F10555 Longshot Extended BarrelDoes not include:- Any muzzle- Any inner barrel..
Brand: F10555
Includes:- F10555 Rayven Front Barrel with top patch- F10555 Rayven Kit Extended Buttrest- Worker 27.9CM Picatinny rail mount- Inner barrelExcludes:- Blaster- Any muzzle- Internal parts for blaster..
Brand: F10555
A Rival mag holder from F10555. Friction fit to insert and remove mags quickly. Attach to belt via belt loop.Holds 2 standard Rival stick mag (Apollo, Zeus etc)..
Brand: F10555
Comes with:- F10555 Stryfe Lighting Kit assembly with Top handle- Side patch and 2x 5cm railDoes NOT include:- Any muzzle- Blaster- Any buttstock..
Brand: F10555
Note: You might have to do some shell mod to make it fit nicely..
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