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Worker Terminator Shell + Internals Package

  • Brand: Worker
  • Product Code: Worker Terminator Shell + Internals Package
  • Availability: In Stock
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The long awaited Worker Terminator is here!

This package includes the Worker Terminator shell with full internals package that gives you a fully functional blaster that does around 230FPS using the 40cm Monkee Mods inner barrel.

What you're getting :
- Terminator Shell(Transparent)

- Worker Longshot Metal Bolt Sled

- Worker Longshot Metal Stefan Kit

- Worker Longshot Plunger Tube + Plunger Rod + Plunger Tube Support

- Worker Metal Plunger Head

- Worker Metal Plunger Cap

- Worker Metal Catch Plate + Catch Spring

- Worker Metal Trigger

- Worker Inner Barrel with Rifling Scar

- Worker 18KG Main Spring

- Worker Talon Mag Adapter

- Worker Talon Mag

- Worker Slanted Foregrip

Not included but recommended :

- Monkee Mods 40cm inner barrel for Worker and Artifact Kit.
- Monkee Mods Rifling Muzzle(0.5R)

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