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Nerf Darts

Despite Nerf only came out with a few type of darts and ball, there are a variety of aftermarket dart available in the market made by third party manufacturer. It is the core of all Nerf blaster hence the chase of the perfect dart never stop which led through different innovation and iteration of dart since the start of modding community.

Worker Stefan (Gen 3) Worker Stefan (Gen 3)
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Brand: Worker
A new gen of Worker Stefan dart, with better quality200 darts per box. Price is per boxDue to bulky size, the only shipping method is express shipping limited to 5 boxes of dart per order...
Worker Full Length Darts
Out Of Stock
Brand: Worker
Full length darts made by Worker. Sold in pack of 100 darts...
Brand: Monkee Mods
Aftermarket ammunition for Nerf Rival blasters.100 balls per pack...
Brand: Worker
Designed to be use with the V2 stefan kit. Better accuracy when paired with Worker Retaliator Stefan Normal/Power V2 Kit.50 darts per box. Price is per box.Note: If you are using Gen.1 stefan kit, it's recommended to stick with the yellow stefan instead...
Improved stefan tip, made of TPR material. This stefan delivers the performance of what you see in Gen2 hard tip but with a much softer tip hence much safer to be used. The older soft tips have glue issue due to the material used while this doesn't have it.It literally combines best of both world!..
Brand: Worker
 1 box contains 50 darts.Best used with Worker stefan breech...
These are stefan version of the new Acc Gen2 darts. They are factory made in stefan form and not cut down from the full length version.From our tests, the Acc Gen2 stefans performs extremely well and have a very high quality foam. It fits well with Artifact barrel as well, delivering much higher FPS..
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