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Nerf Stryfe

The Stryfe is a small, clip-fed, semi-automatic flywheel blaster. It features a small acceleration trigger which allows for the blaster to be powered up for firing. It also has two tactical rails, a small one below the muzzle and a long one at the top rear of the blaster. There are barrel extension and shoulder stock attachment points as well. The clip release button is located in front of the firing trigger.

The muzzle has a counter-clockwise rifled texture, similar to the Retaliator's barrel extension. Opening the top jam door slows the flywheel faster than normal; this appears to be a safety mechanism and works even if power is lost before the flywheel stops spinning.


Brand: F10555
Add second stage flywheel cage setup for your stryfe.Comes with XT60 connector and wiring..
Brand: Worker
Full auto pusher + return spring for Worker Stryfe/Dominator full auto pusher..
Worker Flywheel Hybrid Dart Pusher with Talon Mag & Adapter
Out Of Stock
Brand: Worker
The new hybrid dart pusher for Stryfe/Swordfish/Dominator that works with both full length and stefan darts.This package comes with one Talon Mag(Transparent) & one Talon Mag Adapter(Transparent)...
XSW Stryfe XMD-1 Bullpup Kit XSW Stryfe XMD-1 Bullpup Kit
Top Brand Out Of Stock
Brand: XSW
Convert your Stryfe into a bullpup with this XSW XMD-1 Bullpup kit. Comes with wiring and auto kit so you can wire your new bullpup Stryfe to rain darts on your target! Include: - XSW XMD-1 Body Kit and buttstock- XSW XMD-1 Full Auto KitDoes not include:- Any Muzzle- Any blaster- Wirings e..
Brand: Worker
This is for Stryfe only. If you want Swordfish version, please purchase that instead...
Brand: F10555
Comes with:- F10555 Stryfe Lighting Kit assembly with Top handle- Side patch and 2x 5cm railDoes NOT include:- Any muzzle- Blaster- Any buttstock..
Brand: F10555
Includes:- F10555 TS main assembly              -       Modular front adapter-       Top cover with iron sight-       Side cover with 5cm side ra..
Nerf Orange Stryfe Blaster Nerf Orange Stryfe Blaster
Out Of Stock
Grey trigger. Brand new in box.Comes with:- Blaster- 6 darts mag- 6 Elite dartFor international customers, the product will not ship with a box to reduce shipping cost. The product might be disassembled to avoid issue with customs in some countries...
OFP Serenity Flywheel Cage (Stryfe/RS) OFP Serenity Flywheel Cage (Stryfe/RS)
Out Of Stock
The Serenity flywheel cage is a mid crush cage designed to rival the performance of OFP high crush cage while staying compatible with a wider array of dart include FVJ darts.This flywheel cage scores 150FPS on elite darts while sporting a 42.5mm crush rate. If you are new to flywheel, this cage perf..
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