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Artifact Longshot Stefan Hunter Kit

  • Brand: Artifact Modworks
  • Product Code: Artifact Longshot Stefan Hunter Kit
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Artifact Longshot Hunter Kit, a full metal CNC breech kit for Longshot. The kits includes the following:
- Metal barrel
- Metal barrel holder
- Metal breech (Entire breech)
- Metal Plunger Cap and Plunger Head

Looks wise, it's a beauty to have. Feel wise, when you slide the breech forward, it gives you a cool bolt action sniper feel when the metal comes into contact to seal up the breech. Durability wise, you can dry fire this thing and hear metal banging each other. Performance wise, the plunger head is longer than stock, means easier to fit longer spring, reduce initial tension on spring, smaller draw length, a perfect groove for stock oring and poof, and all these contribute to around +20FPS(we did put a very thin layer of teflon so that air seal kicks in at 70-80% of the plunger tube instead of 50%, also thanks to the tighter groove, the teflon ain't going anywhere) and sure without much tuning, you can already achieve full air tight system and that's the most important thing in game, a reliable blaster rather than something that hits super hard but can fail at anytime. The bolt design changed compare to stock, and also eliminate the usual dead space that you usually need to fill with hot glue or pad.

We installed it in a 12kg Longshot and it performs around 210+FPS using ACC Gen 2 Stefan Hard Tip. 

Overall Rating 5
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